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Graphics Cards for sale Ireland

GPU For Sale Ireland | Buy Video Cards Online Ireland

GPU for sale Ireland – Blue ComputerHandle GmbH is a Germany wholesale / Retail outlet for computer hardware and peripheral devices.
In recent times, our customer base has increased in Ireland especially in Dublin.

GPU For Sale Ireland


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Are graphics card prices falling?

Graphics cards are cheaper now than they were in 2021, and prices have continued to drop.

Why are GPUs still so expensive?

Generally speaking, they’re higher-quality and more difficult to manufacture than the ones from the previous generations. Simply put, you can consider higher manufacturing costs one of the main reasons why modern GPU prices are so high. Producers can only manufacture what they can afford.

How long do graphic cards last?

It varies. I’ve had some GPUs that lasted 10+ years, I’ve had others that died in the first month. A current high-end GPU will probably be able to run most games for at least 5 and more likely 10 years, though newer games over time may require you to run them at “lower performance” settings to stay playable.